Reward Points Scheme



Hi there!

We thought it's high time to give something back to our loyal customers on a regular we created the

Simply Souvenirs Reward Points Scheme!


In the bottom right-hand corner of your screen you'll now see a Star icon, click this to open the panel and you'll be prompted to 'Sign In' into your account.

Here you'll be able to see your current Reward Point balance and the Redeemable Rewards available.


How do I earn Reward Points?


Every customer who creates an account with us will now be able to earn points with each purchase - We're giving away 1 point for every whole pound (£1) you spend with us.

You can also earn Points by:

  • Signing up for an account with us (25 Points)
  • Liking our Facebook page (25 Points)
  • Sharing our Facebook page (25 Points)
  • Follow us on Instagram (25 Points)
  • Celebrating your Birthday (50 Points)


If you're already following us on our socials, simply click through the links on the Panel to claim your Reward Points!


As a Thank You to our loyal customers, we've back-dated every order from the last 12 months and gifted every customer with the equivalent Reward Point balance. (Applied between 01/04/2020 - 01/04/2021)

Example: If you spent £145 with us in the last 12 months, simply log in using the same email that you previously ordered with and you will find 145 points in your account!



Currently, we're offering four Redeemable Rewards:

  • Redeem 50 Points to get Free Shipping to UK and EU addresses or Discounted International Shipping.
  • Redeem 100 Points for a 5% Discount Voucher that can be used on any purchase.
  • Redeem 250 Points for a 10% Discount Voucher that can be used on any purchase.
  • Redeem 600 Points for a 20% Discount Voucher that can be used on any purchase.

Please note: Only one Reward can be redeemed per order.



Here's an Example for you:

Your basket total comes to £145 - You decide to use the Reward Points you've earned from your previous orders to redeem the 5% Discount Code (100 Points).

Your new order total is £137.75 - You will be awarded 137 Points for this order upon it's completion, or when the orders payment status is confirmed as 'Paid'.


  • And yes - That does mean you'll be able to claim another 5% off your next order straight away!



Over time, your remaining balance will build up and you'll be able to redeem the higher percentage discounts, so make sure you save them for those big restock orders!



FAQ's & Important Information:


  • I've applied a discount Reward, but my basket shows the full total?

Your discount won't show on the 'Basket' screen - Move forward to the 'Check Out' screen where the new total and discounted amount will be shown.


  • I've redeemed a Reward and now I've changed my mind about my order - will I lose my Reward?

We don't have time limits on our Reward Points or our redeemable Rewards - you can come back at a later date and apply the discount when it's convenient for you.


  • What does the Free Shipping coupon cover? What can I use it with?

UK orders under £100 - The Free Shipping coupon will remove your shipping costs - Please also note our 'Free UK Shipping' method for orders over £100 can still be used in conjunction with the Discount Rewards

EU orders - The Free Shipping coupon will cover all EU shipping addresses, to a maximum value of £8. (We ship to the EU for £7.99, meaning Free Shipping for our EU customers)

International orders - The Free Shipping Coupon can be used to deduct £8 from your shipping total


  • I've applied a 20% Discount Reward to a massive order - Do I still get the full points?

You will receive Reward Points to the same value as your order total, excluding shipping. Please see the example above for more detail.



  • Your Reward Points have no Maximum Limit OR Expiry Date.
  • Your Reward Points are only yours - They cannot be transferred to another account holder / customer.
  • Reward Points have no Cash Value.
  • New Reward Points are added to your account upon order completion - not order placement - to be used with your next order.
  • We reserve the right to update, change or modify this scheme at any time
  • Any user found to be committing Points Abuse will have their account terminated and points removed.
  • Our existing "Free UK Shipping" Offer still applies to UK orders over £100 and does not interfere with the Reward Points Scheme.



As our Reward Point Scheme grows, we'll be able to add more Rewards - Free Gifts, Higher Discount Vouchers, Premium Seed Packs and more.


We'd also love to hear your Feedback on our Rewards Point Scheme and your ideas for what you'd like to see as Free Gifts - We'll reward suggestions that make it through!


As always, if you should have any questions or comments regarding the Rewards Point Scheme, do not hesitate to contact us!