Bruces Stone Regular

Bruces Stone Regular


Each pack of Bruces Stone contains: 12+ Regular Seeds

Tall and stretchy with thick stems and tight nodes this tops well and can be a serious producer.

Not only weight but producing some of the more intoxicating chemmy terps in this cross, everything from tree bark soaked in petrol to more foul odours of weird rotten meat.

Really easy to trim, big grenade style buds, will be a 75% green population and 25% purple. All have similar terps and crazy greasy style resin covering them.

The Triple OG male really worked his magic here bringing some crazy nice recessive gene expressions out the OG Chem as well.

  • Linage - OG Chem x Triple OG
  • Percentage Indica/Sativa - 70 / 30 Indica Dom
  • Flower Time - 9 weeks
  • Rough Yield per m² - 400-500g


Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.
The pictures and descriptions have been created by the seed breeders who operate within a country with a legal and tolerant view of cannabis cultivation. This website and its owners in no-way incite or encourage people to break the law.