Sour Melon Regular

Sour Melon Regular


Each pack of Sour Melon contains: 12 Regular Seeds

Sour Melon is the result when Karma crosses two of his favorite cultivars together. A very strong smell and taste is the outcome, tight overall lighter green buds with darker green leaves, more tight budded then the Karma Sour D line, and with a thicker resin gland, some of these can yield very high.

Legally operating gardeners can expect strong, prolific plants with light green flowers and deep green leaves. A big yielder, Sour Melon can be pushed by experienced growers to achieve huge harvests. She puts out a lot of resin, too, making this a great choice for extraction artists.

Flavours and aromas are strong and pronounced with sour, overripe fruit and gassy funky sweetness. A real symphony of flavours that really complement each other.
Effects are heavy and robust in keeping with most of Karma’s handiwork. A special strain that is sure to be popular with connoisseurs.

A match made in heaven.

  • Genetics: KG Melon cut x KG Sour D Bx
  • Type:  Hybrid
  • Flowering Time: 9–11 Weeks
  • 12 Regular Seeds



Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.


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