Dutch Passion

Who is Dutch Passion?

The Dutch Passion Seed Company has been around for over 30 years, and is one of the original seed banks to emerge from Amsterdam. Multiple time cup winners and the original creator of feminized seeds back in 1999, Dutch Passion have seen it all and continue to adapt to the modern-day strains and still retain the classic and original Dutch genetics. 

What is Dutch Passion most well-known strains and crosses?

Some of Dutch Passion's best known crosses over the years have been The Ultimate, Euphoria. Blueberry, Orange Hill Special, Glueberry OG and Meringue. 

Which are Simply Souvenirs best 3 selling Cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion?

Our 3 best-selling Dutch Passion Cannabis seeds are:

Critical Orange Punch    -    Mokum's Tulip    -    Think Different Autoflowering

Why do Simply Souvenirs enjoy working with Dutch Passion?

It is important for us to have a wide range of genetics from all over the world, and with Dutch Passion, we know their extensive portfolio expands over a 30-year time frame. They are still sweeping up cups in 2022 and are always connecting the US and Dutch marketplaces. 

Dutch Passion offers Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Regular Cannabis Seeds and Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds.

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