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Following a life-changing accident in 2012, Glob Glass finally found some highly-sought pain relief whilst travelling the free states in the US.

Following his return to the UK, and struggling to find similar high-quality suitable equipment to provide the relief he was looking for, enough was enough.

Inspired to create a superior product, it was high time to get started on bringing a next-level product to the market.

Working through various factories until finding one that was not only able to produce his whole catalogue of products, but more importantly, meet his demanding standards of using only the highest quality quartz, Glob Glass has spent the last 5 years refining the design and performance of his Bangers - resulting in numerous previous batches, which even with the slightest flaws, have now been deemed as unsuitable to sell due to his high standard of providing only the best.

Finally satisfied with the Bangers, the now-named 'Spectrum Banger' was brought to market. Through rigorous testing within the community, he soon found they were selling faster than he could order them - word had quickly spread and the community demanded more!

Now able to secure larger quantities of the Spectrum Banger, without sacrificing the quality customers had come to love, allowed Glob Glass to develop and release his next two products - the Quantum Banger and the Prophecy Cold-Start Banger, in the same high quality finish as the Spectrum.

Completing the product range is a variety of different Bubble and Spinner Carb Caps, Tools, Beads and accessories.

Quality is key with Glob Glass.

Buying a Banger or accessory from Glob Glass will instantly reassure you that a lot of time, testing and thorough thought has been put into the product.

Take for example, two features of the Quantum and Spectrum Bangers: A bevelled edge on the bucket that improves the seal with Bubble Cap and the slightly longer Joint section that improves the secure fit into the downstem. Whilst these Bangers may be factory made, they have been produced with providing the best end-users experience in mind.

Feedback is super important! Glob Glass takes all feedback seriously and welcomes any constructive criticism. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we shall pass on your feedback quickly and sincerely.


Below you will find the entire product range currently on offer from Glob Glass.

Dichroic Bubble Cap
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