Human Sucks Stinger Vaporizer

The new way to dab on the go!
Introducing the Human Sucks Stinger Vaporizer
Alright we admit it's not the best name, but we can't believe how functional and portable this device is, not to mention the punch it packs despite its tiny size!
Take your new experience up a notch with the Detachable Bubbler - This really helps to get the most from those terpenes and helps to cool the vapor too.
Don't forget the Q-Tips! These are especially designed to fit the thin ceramic atomizer tip - A clean Stinger is a happy Stinger!
Terpenes tasting burnt? Then replace the Atomizer Tip and tantalize your taste buds once more!

Need some help with your Stinger? 
Check out our Stinger FAQ page!
Stinger Q-Tip Cleaners
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