Northside Farms

“Use what you have and develop your own style – Don’t make a cover version of someone else’s album.”
When putting into practice the above philosophy and guiding ethos, it’s no wonder Northside Farms are creating the newest souvenir strains, that will undoubtedly turn heads (and noses!) around the globe.
Bitten by the breeding bug in the early noughties (00), Northside Farms have been developing their selected breeding stock for the last few years, seeking to create something totally unique within their circle.
Working with their favourite creation so far, the Chemosa (Mimosa x Stardawg (Manny Cut)), they’ve been testing their newest drop for the last year, stress testing to ensure only the highest quality strains make it through to the next stage, the all-important public release.
Once they’re available for sale, these strains are bound to find a home in your prized souvenir collection. They’ll never be replicated or reproduced, so these one-and-done releases are immediately collectors editions.
Their sights are set high, and already have been selected to enter the prestigious Breeders Cup at this year’s 2022 Canna World Cup in Amsterdam.
From February 1st 2022 and while stocks last, we’ll be giving away one pack (containing one feminized seed) of their newest drop with every order of souvenirs. The strains available are:

Zinger Feminized (Chemosa F1 x MAC F2)
Hostilis Feminized (Chemosa F1 X Dr Grinspoon)