Packs Protect Lockable Carbon Lined Odour Retaining Bags

“Packs Protect” was born when 3 like-minded friends came together after working for years in the hydroponics industry. They had a dilemma that needed solving and “Packs Protect” turned out to be the answer to all their problems. After having made these bags for themselves they began to realize that it would be possible to bring this product to market and to do it in the right way. They knew that the key was to focus on quality, the customer, affordability, safety and functionality, and that is exactly what they've done. 

Every Packs Protect bags features a built in combination lock as one of the main features. These locks give you the security and flexibility that you need to keep your medicines or private items secure from prying eyes or from the hands of curious young children. The 3 digit combination locks can be re-set as and when required, as long as you know the last keyed in code. Even if you are not on the move, Packs Protect bags are the perfect solution for storing medicines, documents, money and any other sensitive items securely within your home, giving you complete peace of mind. Combine this with the waterproof and odour retaining features and we feel that Packs Protect is a bag that everyone could use in their life. 


  • In order to be safe, Pack's Protect know how important it is to be able to keep your belongings secure and discreet.  They want you to have the very best in functionality and quality at the very best price. 


Packs Protect are trying to project a smart minimalist bag aesthetic, a bag that you could carry with you as a statement and which is identifiable but that also easily blends in to a rucksack or a larger bag seamlessly. 


A standard feature on every bag is the odour retaining carbon layer but did you know that it is possible to re-charge the Carbon? Active carbon only has so much adsorption capacity (i.e. it can only hold so much “smell”). The Carbon used in Packs Protect bags however can be re-activated by either turning the bag inside out and leaving it the sun for a few hours or by putting it in the dryer on low heat for 5-8 minutes. The heat breaks the bonds between the active carbon and the odour molecules releasing the odours that it has been holding onto and leaving you with a fresh re-activated carbon bag. 

  • Every “Packs Protect” bag is made up of a 5 layer material structure. It’s not cheap but it does ensure that every bag is of the highest quality.



LAYER 1 – This durable outer, polyester, fingerprint resistant layer is backed with matt black PVC, making sure that the bag is both light tight and waterproof.  This layer is essential to keeping the odours in your bag “in” your bag!

LAYER 2 – A non-woven filterable fabric, which allows odours to pass into the thick carbon layer. 

LAYER 3 – Where the magic happens! A thick layer of activated Carbon embedded fabric traps and retains any odours within your bag, preventing them from escaping and being detected by nosey noses. 

LAYER 4 – A non-woven filterable fabric, which allows odours to pass into the thick carbon layer. This layer also acts as a barrier to keep the carbon layer in the correct position within the internal structure of the bag.

LAYER 5 – A protective mesh lining which protects the thick Carbon layer, maximizing the life span of the bags.  We also use the mesh to make internal, easy access, easily visible compartments within some of the packs protect range. 

Sealed Zips – All packs protect bags have sealed zips. This unique design feature helps to keep any odours that are in the bag, “in” the bag whilst also helping with the waterproof nature of the bags. 

Internal Velcro – The 2 larger sizes of packs protect bags (the Transporter and the Banker) feature an internal heavy duty Velcro strip just below the opening of the bag.  This was a bonus feature that we added to create an extra security barrier between the contents of the bag and the sealed zip fastening.  

Packs Protect bags cannot be machine-washed. Clean lightly using water only and a damp non-abrasive cloth.  Do not iron.

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