Summer House Seeds

"To try and stay true to the plant. Making selections that you feel a vibe and connection too"

Summer House Seeds have stayed true to this ethos, and over the last decade have been refining their experience and expertise in hunting their favorite flavours.

Their high standards of what one might call "Fire", coupled with a creative personality and a passionate love for the whole spectrum of the smells, flavours and expressions found in the cannabis genome, has lead Summer House Seeds on a four year journey, resulting in their signature White Fire IX (High Frequency X White Fire OG#B).

Summer House Seeds have been testing their stable of White Fire IX hybrids for over the last year via a network of trusted plant enthusiasts - Their feedback was nothing short of outstanding excellence.

We're proud to be working with Summer House Seeds as our debut breeder for 2022.

All non-sample packs contain 15 regular souvenirs.

While stocks last, each full priced pack purchased comes with:
1x 5pk of regular Double Baked ((Triangle Mints x Sour Rado) x White Fire IX)
That's 20 souvenirs for the price of 15!
Sample Pack Offer:
Purchase any sample pack for £10 and get a second for £5!