Bodhi Seeds

Who are Bodhi Seeds?

Bodhi Seeds is an old school legend and world-class breeder that has traveled far and wide in pursuit of the most unique genetics around. A Californian who produces some of the terpiest hybrids you have ever tasted, and a down to Earth humble breeder that is deeply respected by both the old and new school generation of breeders.

What are Bodhi Seeds most well-known strains and crosses?

Some of Bodhi Seed's most popular crosses are Old Soul, Sun Ra, Wookie #15 and Snow Lotus.

Which are Simply Souvenirs’ best 3 selling Cannabis seeds from Bodhi Seeds?

Our 3 best-selling Bodhi Cannabis seeds are:

Cherry Trance    -    Old Soul    -    Time Bandit

Why do Simply Souvenir’s enjoy working with Bodhi Seeds?

You only need to ask around to find out how well-respected Bodhi is among the Cannabis community. A well-traveled and humble breeder who consistently produces incredible hybrids created from land race varieties and poly hybrids.

Bodhi Seeds offers Regular Cannabis Seeds.

Sakura Regular
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