ETHOS Genetics

Who are Ethos Genetics?

Boasting over 20 years experience, Ethos Genetics work meticulously and take extra care when testing all their genetics. Ethos Genetics take pride in releasing some of their best strains from their vault, and with over 20 cannabis cup wins to his name, you can be sure to find world-class cultivars in his library.

What are Ethos Genetics' most well-known strains and crosses?

Ethos Genetics are best known for the strains Grandpa’s Stash, Mandarin Cookies and Orange Velvet Underground.

Which are Simply Souvenirs’ best 3 selling Cannabis seeds from Ethos Genetics?

Our current 3 Best-Selling Ethos Genetics packs are:

Lilac Cookies    -    Lilac OG    -    Purple Thai AUTO

Why do Simply Souvenir’s enjoy working with Ethos Genetics?

Ethos Genetics have built a reputation as a breeder who produces cup winning, top shelf extremely potent and frosty plants. Ethos Genetics works with the genuine and sought after clones, allowing growers to enjoy them and see the meaning of another level!

Ethos Genetics offers Regular cannabis seeds, Feminized cannabis seeds and Auto-flowering seeds.