Moxie CBD Vaporizer

Fresh from the Californian cannabis extraction specialists, Moxie have released their new product - The Moxie Dart Vaporizer and CBD Pods.

The Moxie Dart is a sleek portable vaporizing unit that fits the Moxie CBD Cartridge pods, also found on this page. The CBD pods contain 0.5g of naturally flavoured vape solution at approximately 50% CBD content (240mg-260mg CBD per pod). This is an excellent way of imbibing CBD and a perfect solution for people on the go.

The Dart is an intuitive and easy to use vaporizer – there are no buttons or settings to adjust – the magnetic pods simply snap onto the vape and the user inhales to activate the power. The vaporizer is equipped with a 480 mAh battery and will last up to a week between charges. A full charge from flat takes around 90 minutes.

There are a variety of flavoured CBD cartridges to choose from: lime, peppermint, pina colada, mago, sour apple, melonwreck, blackberry, blood orange and granddaddy purple. All the pods are batch and lab tested by Moxie, so you can be sure of uniform CBD levels and punchy, fresh flavours.


All Moxie CBD Pods contain 0mg (0%) of THC, so users can relax knowing this is a legal, certified product.