Who are ElevenTen?

ElevenTen was created when The Mister Men combined forces and shared their passion and love for Cannabis. Between the work of Mr. T and Mr Matics, you can expect exotic varieties from tis team of UK breeders. ElevenTen take pride in their work, selection process and males used in the breeding projects.

What are ElevenTen most well-known strains and crosses?

ElevenTen are most well known for the strains Cherry Ripple, Iced Gems and P.M.O.

Which are Simply Souvenirs’ best 3 selling Cannabis seeds from ElevenTen?

Our 3 best-selling ElevenTen Cannabis seeds are:

Choppa    -    Cherry Ripple    -    Citrus Ice


Why do Simply Souvenir’s enjoy working with ElevenTen?

What we really enjoy about working with ElevenTen, is the fact they take their time to produce only regular cannabis seeds. This means aspiring breeders can have an extensive gene pool to breed with, and they connect the most sought after and desirable strains from the UK, Europe and US cultivars together into stable and homogenous plants.


ElevenTen Offers regular cannabis seeds.

Citrus Ice Regular
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P.M.O Regular
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