Cherry Ripple Regular

Cherry Ripple Regular

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Each pack of Cherry Ripple contains: 15+ Regular Seeds

 Breeders Notes:

"For the mother of this hybrid, we used a very special cut of Cherry Spice bred by our good friend BananaMan over at Trichome Jungle seeds.

Hunted by Mr T, the Cherry Spice cut is very dank, dark cherries with an almost antiseptic like gas terpene profile. When combined with our Flawless male we created Cherry Ripple.

In testing, we have seen some remarkable phenotypes - Expect medium to heavy yielding plants with tight internodal spacing and a solid structure
Most plants are expected to finish in the 9/10 week bracket."


  • Linage - Cherry Spice x Flawless 
  • Flowering Time - 9 to 10 weeks
  • Yield - Heavy
  • Height - Medium/Tall - 2x Stretch
  • Terpene Profile - Cherry, Dark Fruits, Cough Medicine, Gas



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