Dama710 Tools

A completely unique process creates a completely unique product - Even more so when every component is handcrafted down to the finest detail.

Inspired by the materials around him, pop culture and other artists, customer ideas and the desire to continually push and develop the many skills learned during the daily grind as a manufacturing technician, Dama710Tools has certainly earned his deserved reputation for the variety and final finish of his custom creations.

Whether it's a restoration piece, a work of art or a functional Dab Tool, Dama710Tools extremely high standards shine through in each of his finished projects.

Opening his order book only two or three times a year ensures a thoroughly thought out build process for each project. As a consequence, each of the resulting items are simply stunning and a sight to behold, often becoming the owners prized centre piece of their Dabware collection, alongside all that heady Glassware, of course.

From their initial conception to the final polish, each tool has had a minimum of 15 hours investment to design, create, produce, finalize and finish - so they are priced to reflect the skill and features that have gone into each one of them. Each of the tools we're able to offer you comes with its own unique features - Whether that be a UV reactive component, a particular design style or an authentic mini-replica, we guarantee that your item will be forever unique and never identically replicated.

We consider these handcrafted dab tools as functional works of art, and an investment for the future if you will, so we invite you to take the opportunity to seize one of these collectible pieces while you can.