Bulk Seeds - White Label & Valencia

If you're looking to add to your Souvenir Seed collection without breaking the bank, these Feminised Cannabis Seeds are perfect! 


Whether you're after 1 or 100+ seeds, these are ideal for cost conscious collectors,  doomsday vaults and bargain hunters!


What are Bulk Seeds?

Bulk Seeds are usually the surplus seeds made by third party seed producers on behalf of some of the main EU seed breeders, that cannot be sold under their branding.

Example - Seed Breeder/Brand "X" needs 5000 Souvenirs; they provide their parent genetics to the third party producer and they produce 7500 - They provide the 5000 that are contracted to the Breeder/Brand "X" and are allowed to sell the excess, providing they do not use the Breeder/Brands "X" name or marketing. Rather than keeping the excess, they're sold at a much higher discount rate to distributors around the world. 


We currently provide two Bulk Souvenir Seed Brands - Valencia Seeds & White Label


Each Souvenir is £2.50 each and come with the following discount:

1-9 Souvenirs = £2.50 Each

10-49 Souvenirs = £2.25 Each (10% OFF)

50-99 Souvenirs = £1.88 Each (25% OFF)

100+ Souvenirs = £1.50 Each (40% OFF)

You can mix and match the Bulk Souvenir Discounts!


Please Note: These Souvenirs come in plain packaging without any fancy packs, helping to keep the costs down.

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