Forth Shore Farm Tools

Buying a product from a craftsman is something so much more special, than buying a product from a factory. Selling something you created with your own hands and seeing it as part of someone’s prized collection, brings an excitement that very few are willing to pursue.

We’re excited and honored to present these unique dab tools to the market and the wider scene in general.


Owing to a countryside childhood, being around wood and woodland is something that Forth Shore Farm Tools has grown up with – From making forts and bridges as kids to a simple fuel source when camping, Forth Shores’ fascination with timber and wood began at an early age.

Fast forward a couple of decades and Forth Shore Farm Tools is now producing some of the most exquisite hand-made dab tools the 710 market has ever seen.

Having no prior design plans, each of these one-of-a-kind tools are revealed with the combined magic of Forth Shores’ skill with a lathe, various tools, his hands and his mind.

Over the years of producing these creations, he’s developed the skills and knowledge necessary to turn a tower of multi-layered wooden blocks into super smooth, detailed and functional tools.

Naturally, as with any high-quality tool, only the highest grade of Surgical Steel has been used in the stem of the dabber, alongside the finely polished finish of the handle.

Drawing from the unlimited potential to combine so many different types of timber – be it local, exotic or reclaimed, each timber has its own unique characteristics and requirements to achieve that perfectly smooth finish. This supplies Forth Shore with plenty of inspiration and challenge to continue making these exclusive, custom designed dab tools for the foreseeable future.

We can’t wait to see how his work progresses from here!