Ronin Glassworks

Forging your own path in any new hobby can be daunting, however given the opportunity, time, training and advice, we learn to overcome, improve and hone our skills into a craft.

Inspired by the culture of, and the characters within the global glass scene, Ronin Glassworks took up the torch during the first lockdown of the global pandemic.

A long term lover of all things glass blown, Ronin Glassworks fascination with this alternative craft was piqued at an early age. 

Finding the opportunity to crossover into the cannabis community, Ronin Glassworks has started their own adventure in glassworking.

Practicing as often as possible, Ronin Glassworks ambitions include producing a collection of functional glass waterpipes, alongside their exquisite signature pendants and stunning slurper sets.

With future aims of opening their own multi-torch studio and ultimately teaching the craft one day, we're sure Ronin Glassworks is just getting started.

Simply Souvenirs is excited to present to you, not only Ronin Glassworks journey as an artist, but their functional and highly finished items too.