Bateman Selections

Who are Bateman Selections?

Bateman Selections is a select crew of small-scale boutique breeders who've been producing their own work and selected crosses for the last ten years.

What are Bateman Selection's most well-known strains and crosses?

Bateman Selection are most well known for the strains Irn Glu, Sugar Tax and Tonic Wine, Scotch Pie and Highland Fling. Their Sugar Tax has developed a following of supporters in the USA after Lifted Cannabis started distribution through their Dispensary chain.

Which are Simply Souvenirs’ best 3 selling Cannabis seeds from Bateman Selections?

Our 3 best-selling Bateman Selection Cannabis seeds are:

Irn Glu F2    -    Sugar Tax    -    Tonic Wine

Why do Simply Souvenir’s enjoy working with Bateman Selections?

We are proud to work with Bateman Selections, as an up-and-coming breeder from the UK, who uses their own males and unique selections to produce F1 varieties.

Bateman Selections offers regular cannabis seeds.

Melon Slice Feminized
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