Cannarado Genetics

Who are Cannarado Genetics?

Cannarado Genetics is a breeder who comes from Colorado, USA. A well established and sought-after breeder that brings the best of Colorado and US genetics together at an affordable price. Cannarado has a high reputation for delivering superb quality.

What are Cannarado Genetics most well-known strains and crosses?

Some of Cannarado Genetic's best known strains are Sundae Driver, Lemon Slushee and Birthday Banger.

Which are Simply Souvenirs’ best 3 selling Cannabis seeds from Cannarado Genetics?

Our 3 best-selling Cannarado Cannabis seeds are:

Biscotti Gelato    -    Fresh Biscotti    -     Sour Sundae

Why do Simply Souvenir’s enjoy working with Cannarado Genetics?

Cannarado Genetics never fails to deliver when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends. A great source of genetics for those who want US caliber cultivars perfect for hash making and inspiring extract artists.

Cannarado Genetics offers Regular Cannabis Seeds and Feminized Cannabis Seeds