Subcool's The Dank

If you've been anyway involved within the cannabis scene within the last 20 years, then you would have undoubtedly heard of Subcool - A true iconic-canna figurehead, his work has changed (and at times) divided the retail seed market.
Subcool first released seeds under the name TGA Subcool way back in 2001, and following on from each subsequent and successful seed release, all of the hard work he and his team put in was undone in a single night. In 2017 a wildfire swept through their local area, wrecking their grow-op and destroying not only their home, but over four million seeds of stock and future projects.
Needless to say this was a massive unforeseen setback and they worked tirelessly to recreate their catalogue of work. In 2018 TGA Subcool were able to release Jesus OG Kush and Cheese Quake, before creating a further 44 new strains over the next couple of years. Following his divorce from Mz Jill (the other half of TGS Genetics & his breeding partner) Subcool launched his new range of strains under the name Subcool's The Dank.
As you may or may not be aware, Subcool is sadly no longer with us. He passed away, in early 2020  having lost his fight to Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and emphysema, a degenerative lung condition. Whether you were a lover or a hater, you cannot deny the influence this one man had in shaping the formative years of the international cannabis community.
Today, his work lives on through the hands of his breeding partner William Rouland, who's continued Subcool's work, passionately dedicating his time to nurture the genetics and legacy Subcool left behind.
We're proud to present to you a new UK exclusive, the 2022 debut feminized strains from Subcool's The Dank.