Exotic² Feminized

Exotic² Feminized

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Each pack of Exotic² contains: 7 Female Seeds

Exotic² by Compound Genetics uses a clone-only selection from Exotic Genetix Mike with his Red Pop, which packs flavour-filled strawberry candy terps in small, spear-structured buds of incredible quality and exceptional trichome density.

When hit with the Apples & Bananas' reversal, a widespread variety of intense fruity terps resulted in a stunning mixture of flavours. The crossing of these strains results in the purple colourations becoming prominent in the Red Pop, which makes it equally suited for whole flower production as it is with solventless hash. Exotic² doesn't produce bumper yields, but the flower quality is bound to make up for it, and the discerning phenohunter could find the best of both worlds. Rest assured that a game-changing elite clone waits in one of these packs!


Red Pop, a strain known for its flavour-filled strawberry candy terps, is pivotal in shaping Exotic²'s character. This infusion of Red Pop genetics results in Exotic² creating a delightful symphony of sweet and fruity flavours bound to tantalize your taste buds.


One of the defining features of Exotic² is its unique flavour profile, which is a result of crossing with Apples & bananas' reversal. This crossing leads to a diverse array of intense fruity terpenes that combine in a stunning mixture of flavours. Imagine the sweetness of ripe apples blended with the tropical allure of bananas – that's what Exotic² brings to the table.


The crossing of these two exceptional strains also has a visual impact. Exotic² showcases prominent purple colourations that add to its aesthetic appeal. These beautiful hues make it equally suited for whole flower production as well as the extraction of solventless hash. Whether you're a consumer who appreciates the visual appeal of Cannabis or a connoisseur seeking top-tier hash-making material, Exotic² has something to offer.


While Exotic² may not be a high-yield strain, it more than compensates with its flower quality. The small, spear-structured buds are a testament to the meticulous care taken during cultivation. Each bud glistens with trichomes, making them a visual treat for cannabis enthusiasts. It's a perfect example of how sometimes, less is more, especially when it comes to premium Cannabis.


  • Lineage: Red Pop x Apples & Bananas
  • Flower Time: 8.5-9.5 Weeks
  • Yield: Medium


Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.
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