Natural Flavoured Disposable CBD VAPE

Natural Flavoured Disposable CBD VAPE


Made in Paris, France, the Roor CBD Vape in the natural flavour has a 600 puff capacity, providing you precise control over the amount of CBD you consume.

Each CBD Vape contains 200mg of CBD and measures 2.0 ML, ensuring that you get plenty of use out of each one. Furthermore, the CBD used is broad-spectrum and derived from organic Hemp, so that you can be confident you are only consuming the finest natural ingredients.  The Roor CBD Vape are disposable and pre-filled so you can just throw them away when you're finished using them. So say goodbye to fumbling with extra batteries and hello to the easy-to-use future with this terpene-rich natural CBD Vape by Roor Papers fuses high-quality broad-spectrum CBD with natural terpenes.



Roor is undoubtedly a brand that you've heard of, thanks to their rich heritage of producing the original premium functional glass brand, known to the world as Roor bongs. Their water pipes have long been considered the gold standard for bong smokers, as they are recognised for their thorough quality control and material choice as directed by head designer & founder Martin Birzle. Roor has added to this range with their innovative CBD infused rolling papers, and now they're expanding further with the new CBD vape range. 


The ROOR CBD Vape is powered by natural terpenes, broad-spectrum CBD & organic hemp. 



Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, CBD Broad Spectrum, Natural Terpenes



This product contains naturally sourced CBD with 0% of THC. This product should not be used to substitute or replace any medication. They should not be used to treat illness or medical conditions. They are not to be consumed as dietary supplements and should be kept away from children and pets.