Terpslappa Slurper Banger - 90° Stem

This page is for 90° Terpslappa Slurpers

Available in 10mm Male & 14mm Male fitting ONLY


New for 2022!
Introducing - The Terpslappa Slurper!

Inspired by the infamous slurper bangers, these have been created for producing the highest quality experience possible.



  • Full Quartz Design - Make from thicker, denser Quartz compared to other brands.
  • A Deeper, Wider, Thicker Dish for crazy heat retention!
  • Bevelled rim as standard with all Glob Glass products.
  • Fully welded neck as opposed to a fused head/neck connection, meaning a tougher product.
  • Slightly longer neck to keep the banger slightly away from your rig as there’s nothing worse than a hot rig!
  • Engraved and Sandblasted with the Glob Glass logo.
  • Internal valve size decreased with a longer barrel to avoid wastage down the neck.
  • Best used with temperature gauges and slurper sets (sets aren’t available through ourselves but we advise you heat it all up together but only add the top marble when you’re at the correct time/temp).
  • Ideal temps between 450F - 650F
  • Generalized heat up guide: from red hot, let cool down for 1:40 roughly or subsequently 30 seconds heat up, 60 second cool down. This is just a guideline to help you find the best terps.



  • Total Height:  60mm
  • Top Section Outer Diameter: 21mm
  • Top Section Height: 25mm
  • Middle Section Outer Diameter: 14mm
  • Middle Section Height: 30mm
  • Bowl/Bottom Dish Diameter: 30mm
  • Bowl/Bottom Dish Lip Height: 10mm
  • Wall Thickness: 3mm