HortiLab Seeds

HortiLab Seeds.  A selection of premium quality cannabis seeds.

HortiLab's founders spent many formative years learning the art of genetics at The Spice Of Life seeds facility in Switzerland.  It was while honing their breeding skills that they suddenly realised that as great as the established Dutch and Spanish varieties of marijuana were, there was a big wide world of cannabis out there to be explored.

Ever since, HortiLab has been collecting, growing and breeding exotic seed lines and clones from around the world in order to search for the holy grails of cannabis.

HortiLab is committed to providing the finest quality cannabis genetics to the connoisseurs of Europe and around the globe.

Working with carefully selected European and North American breeding stock, enabled HortiLab to splice genetics from different historical strains to produce new varieties of marijuana which stand out in flavour, potency and yield.

The goal of HortiLab is to preserve and make available the valuable results of this extensive genetic research for seed collectors and other growers in legal climates to enjoy.

HortiLab strains have won numerous marijuana industry awards for their potency and quality.

Their flagship Indica strain, StarBud, has won 7 different industy awards since 2009 alone.

These incredibly special genetics are available to own now as collectable, souvenir seeds to preserve and protect the strains for future generations.

Available as regular or feminized seeds.