Leafline CBD Concentrates

Concentrates are just that - Concentrated CBD ideal for dabbing or vaping and are a perfect product for those who are looking for a high concentration of CBD in one hit.

In the UK dabbing CBD has become a very popular method of consuming CBD.  This method allows you to inhale large quantities of CBD through the lungs without inhaling harmful smoke and tar.

The CBD reaches the bloodstream almost immediately, suiting people who are looking for instant benefits.

The difference between CBD shatter and CBD Crumble

CBD shatter is made from 99.5% pure CBD Isolate and no other cannabinoids plus natural terpenes.

CBD crumble is made from 86% CBD distillate (86% CBD + other cannabinoids such as CBDV, CBDA, CBC and <1mg THC) plus natural terpenes.

All of the concentrates have Lab Results that show the cannabinoid content of the raw ingredient used.

CBD Leafline is a CannaPro certified business meaning that all of their products have been verified by the CannaPro trade body for our products, trading standards, marketing and conduct. As a certified company we will be entitled to display the CannaPro badge as a mark of quality, ethics and reliability.

All of their concentrates are manufactured here in the UK, ensuring total UK compliance.