Caramba Feminized

Caramba Feminized

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Each pack of Caramba contains: 5 or 10 Female Seeds

Caramba By Paradise Seeds is a fast-flowering extension of the Wappa family. The Caramba feminised strain is a cross of Wappa x Gelato 33, which delivers the skunky foundations from the Wappa mother plant. Although the female variety has a more subdued aroma than the notoriously pungent Wappa, Caramba is nevertheless potent and has a Limonene heavy terpene profile. After drying, the buds retain their skunk and citrus smell. However, the flavour has a well-balanced flavour profile of strawberry and orange with overtones of diesel, giving considerably more complexity. Paradise Seeds bred the Caramba feminised strain to match its illustrious predecessors coated abundantly in resin whilst combining the stickiness and sweetness from the Gelato.

Whether grown indoors or outdoors, the Wappa collection is easy for beginners and seasoned growers. For indoor growing, the Caramba feminised plant has an average height. However, Paradise Seeds' breeders advise some trimming to free up bud sites and prevent a top-heavy result. Additionally, the Paradise Team suggest lollipopping the plant to remove unkempt bottom branches below 30 cm after five weeks of flowering. Expect strong growth with an indica growing pattern as flowering develops and purple leaves. Once cured, the buds are heavy and firm, pleasing the eye. There is an alluring complexity to the gorgeous purples, pinks, whites, and various colours of green hidden beneath a gleaming coating of trichomes.

The exotic indica Caramba Female Cannabis Seeds by Paradise Seeds are an exceptional performer in many climates. It reacts well to outdoor grow settings and is incredibly adaptable and resilient. However, as with other exotic strains, when stressed, plants may be more prone to hermaphroditism as a trade-off for increased potency and flavour. Therefore, the Paradise team suggest the lollipop approach prevents any problems from arising.

We know the Caramba female strain is indica dominant but expect an energising, brilliant for sociable daytime use or to enhance your creativity. An exceptional taste enriches the qualities that make Caramba by Paradise Seeds so desirable, easy growth and uplifting qualities, thanks to her Wappa x Gelato 33 genes.


  • Lineage: Wappa x Gelato 33
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks


Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.
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