Cherry Hell's F1 Regular

Cherry Hell's F1 Regular


Each pack of Cherry Hell's F1 contains: 10 Regular Seeds

Cherry Hells F1 was created with the intention of making new Kush lines. Using a selected male Hells OG x Platinum Kush Mints from In-House Genetics, and crossing the pink phenotype of the Cherry Hills from Thug Pugg (Cherry Pie x GDP x Appalachia) the outcome is a superb hybrid that can be ready to harvest within 8 weeks. The growth structure can be compact with lots of long side branches so plant training and pruning prior to flowering is advised. During the blooming period, she will produce a prolific amount of resin, with buds that turn from magenta to pink from the bottom upwards, with heavily frosted fan leaves, giving her a hypnotic look in the grow room and sensational bag appeal.


The flavour is long lasting and can be described as a mouth watering, complex combination of black cherry, gas, chemical and fruit. Cherry Hells has a long lasting potent effect that will keep you in a sedated dream state, however flowing with creativity. An incredible strain for making hash and extracts and a solid producer in any environment. Expect this cultivar to finish between 120cm to 140cm depending on phenotype with a high resistance to mould and mildew, making Cherry Hells F1 a great strain to grow outdoors also.


  • LINEAGE: Male Hells OG x Platinum Kush Mints X Cherry Hells F1 female (Cherry Pie x GDP x Appalachia)
  • FLOWERING: 8 Weeks
  • HEIGHT: 120-140cm
  • AROMA: Gas, earthy, black cherry, spicy
  • FLAVOUR: Earthy cherry tart, with gas and chemical notes
  • EFFECT: Potent and dreamy
  • YIELD: 400-500gr / m2



      Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.
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