Cyclone Banger - 90° Stem

Taking you and your dabbing experience into a whole new category of head-bursting terpy madness!

By choosing to combine the best features of their most popular quartz bangers, the team at Glob Glass have outdone themselves again and produced yet another banging banger!


Introducing – The Cyclone!


The Cyclone is similar in design to the Totem, but is much easier to clean and use.

The bottom dish is much thicker than previous Glob Glass bangers – Allowing a longer heat retention to get the most of your experience without having to reheat midway through. The specially designed grooves redirect the incoming air into a vortex, spinning the vaporized material into the centre, without the need for any additional Terp Beads or Pearls.


Use like you would any other banger – Heat & wait for the right temperature (based on time or temp gauge), place your cap on the bevelled barrel and your material on the bottom dish – Simples!





  • Bevelled Bottom Dish – Seriously Thick for Serious Heat Retention!
  • Specially Designed Inlet Grooves – Get the most from your dab!
  • Bevelled Top Barrel – Gives a tighter seal between banger and cap.
  • Fully welded neck and longer stem - A standard feature from all Glob Glass Bangers


  • Total Height – 50.7mm
  • Barrel Outer Diameter – 20mm
  • Barrel Inner Diameter – 15.2mm
  • Dish Diameter – 40mm
  • Dish Thickness – 4mm