Dama710 Tools #43 - Replica 'Take Down' Katana

Dama710 Tools #43 - Replica 'Take Down' Katana

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Presented and supplied with it's own custom designed IP67 rated Max Case, comes the highly unique Dama710 Tools Model #43.


If you're looking for the most authentic 'Katana' styled dab tool, then look no further, as Model #43 is literal definition of 'Dabtana'!


Laying horizontal in its oak wood, two tier Katana stand, the authentic-likeness of Dama710 Tools Model #43 truly shows through in the design and presentation of this 'Dabtana'.  The Katana stand is approximately 70mm tall by 110mm wide and is able to display all the main components of Model #43 when assembled.


Whilst sheathed, the 'Dabtana' measures 166mm long and without the sheath it measures 162mm, with the Blade measuring just a smidgen over 9mm wide. The blade is constructed from Titanium and has been anodized, making the detailed pattern really pop against the shine of the metal.


The Sheath itself is stunning, yet simplistic in its design - Two copper collars cap both ends, while the Blue Aurora Opal sections really contrast and shine in comparison to the Black G10 Fibre Board and Carbon Fibre that make up the rest of the sheath.  The closed and open ends of the sheath feature inlayed and polished sections of more Blue Aurora Opal. A Sageo section (wrapping used to traditionally hang the Katana) sits towards to hilt in an authentic manner.


The Hilt of the 'Dabtana' matches the same aesthetics of the sheath - It starts with a brass spacer, then a section of Carbon Fibre, a Blue Aurora Opal. A Faux Ivory section sits in the middle, before the pattern reverses until it reaches the buttcap, which houses a crushed layer of Blue Aurora Opal. The majority of the hilt is wrapped in Hemp Leather in the traditional Katana technique known as Tsuka-Maki..


Included with this highly unique 'Dabtana' are two specialist tools, used for disassembling it into the separate parts - Simply place the small Pin tool atop the Mekugi (Hilt Pin) in the Mekugi-ana (Hilt Pin Hole), use the included Hammer to knock the Mekugi out and the 'Dabtana' will now come apart into five separate components - The Toshin (Blade), 2x  Seppa (spacers), The Tsuba (Blade Guard), and The Tsuka (Hilt). 

We've never seen a 'Dabtana' as realistic and miniaturized as this before - It is truly a wonderous work of functional art!


For a video of this Dabtana, please click: HERE