Dama710 Tools #44 - Titanium Damascus Dabtana

Dama710 Tools #44 - Titanium Damascus Dabtana


Presented and supplied with it's own custom designed IP67 rated Max Case, comes the highly unique Dama710 Tools Model #46.


Based on the traditional Japanese Katana sword, this hand-crafted 'Dabtana' is a one-of-a-kind dab tool and will never be reproduced again. The presentation and execution of this functional and highly stylish custom dabber is of the highest of levels.


The 'Dabtana' blade measures 10mm wide by 153mm from base to tip, with the blade unsheathed, and 160mm with the sheath on.

The Titanium Damascus blade of this Dabtana has been anodized under heat to create an array of different colours - The photo's really don't do it justice so be sure to check out our YouTube Video of it HERE.


The hilt of the blade is a blend of finely fitting sections, each crafted seamlessly together. The sections start with a piece of Carbon Fibre Turbo Glow (UV reactive), a thin Titanium Spacer, a thin Green Turbo Glow section (UV Reactive), another Titanium spacer, followed with a larger Green Aurora Opal and another larger Green Turbo Glow section in the center. The pattern then reverses from the center, towards the other end of the hilt. The endcap of the hilt is made from crushed Space Grey Opal. The results of which, and I'm sure you'll agree, are nothing short of stunning!


The Titanium Damascus blade is protected by a patterned, two-tone sheath; the front side is a made from the same blend of finely fitting sections as the hilt. The rear side of the sheath is finished in a highly detailed and smoothly sanded section of Box Elder.


The presentation stand is also a marvelous piece of work: sitting atop a polished slice of Agate, the Dabtana rests upon two indented pillars, constructed from the same Box Elder wood, Green and Carbon Fibre Turbo Glow.



It's important we mention the Turbo Glow sections in the hilt and sheath are UV reactive and really increase the esthetic quality of this functional art work.


Included with this highly collectible 'Dabtana' comes a 1095/ISN20 Damascus and Abalone Shell pendant, finished with a hemp leather cord. The pendant measures 10xx W x 30mm H.

This one of kind dabber will never be reproduced again and is sure to find a place amongst the most heady of collections.


For a video of this Dabtana, please click: HERE