Dama710 Tools #45 - Gravity Defying Dabtana

Dama710 Tools #45 - Gravity Defying Dabtana


Presented and supplied with it's own custom designed IP67 rated Max Case, comes the highly unique Dama710 Tools Model #45.


Hands down, this is one of the most unique 'Dabtana' Dab Tools we've ever seen!


Laying almost horizontal from it's gravity defying stand, Dama710 Tools #45 is truly a work of art - From the colour scheme, to the polished finish, to its gravity defying stand, the high quality craftsmanship shines through from every viewing angle and aspect of this piece.


Displayed from it's angled presentation base, the Dama710 Tool #45 stand is approximately 70mm high, with the 'Dabtana' measuring 158mm with the sheath on, and 152mm with the sheath removed. The Blade itself is approximately 10mm wide. The stand is made from Oak and features a coloured section of G10 Fibre Board, surrounded by two black spacer layers.


The Sheath itself is beautiful, with a combination of aesthetically matching materials making up the front side and a plain two-tone rear side. The front is made up from a large section of Black and Orange Swirled Resin, followed by a small sliver of G10 black Fibre board and brass spacer, a section of highly reflective Fire Aurora Opal, another black and brass spacer, finishing with a section of Box Elder Wood.


The Blade is finished with an Anodized Lightning pattern - The likes of which we've never seen before and the resulting effect is completely unique to this 'Dabtana'.


The Hilt of the 'Dabtana' matches the same aesthetics of the sheath and starts with a brass spacer, then a section of Box Elder, another brass spacer, a Fire Aurora Opal, another brass spacer. Box Elder makes up the middle section, before the pattern reverses until it reaches the buttcap, which houses a crushed layer of Red Fire Opal.


Included with this highly collectible 'Dabtana' comes a twisted 1095/ISN20 Damascus dabber, inlayed with sections of crushed Fire Aurora Opal, should you wish to preserve the 'Dabtana' for special occasions!

This is our own personal favourite from the Dama710 Tools collection we have on offer - We hope you appreciate it as much as we do!


For a video of this Dabtana, please click: HERE