Dama710 Tools #46 - Damascus Claymore

Dama710 Tools #46 - Damascus Claymore


Standing upright and proud from its signed and stabilized presentation base, we're excited to present to you Dama710 Tools Model #46.


Designed on the classic Claymore sword design, this exquisite high-end dabber is as functional as it is beautiful.


This hand-crafted dabber measures 140mm from base to tip, with the 1095/ISN20 Damascus Steel blade taking up 98mm of the total length, while being 11mm wide. The detailed patterns within the metal are clearly visible and are truly a sight to behold.


Transitioning from the hemp-wrapped based of the blade and up to the polished Brass Crossguard, you'll find this functional tool catching your eye in multiple ways, thanks to the inlaid crushed Space Grey and White Opal . 


The hilt is smoothly finished in alternating layers of stabilized Maple, White Opal, Blue Aurora Opal and Turbo Glow Opal, before being topped with a Brass pommel, with another crushed Opal inlay.

The Opals in the hilt are also UV reactive and illuminate wonderfully.


This one of kind dabber will never be reproduced again.


For a video of this Custom Dabber, please click: HERE