Dama710 Tools #47 - Titanium Damascus Katana

Dama710 Tools #47 - Titanium Damascus Katana

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Standing diagonally on its signed and stabilized presentation base, we're excited to present to you Dama710 Tools Model #47.


Styled in the traditional Japanese Katana design, this exquisite high-end dabber is as functional as it is beautiful.


This hand-crafted custom made dabber measures 130mm from base to tip, with the Titanium Damascus blade taking up 86mm of the total length, while being 9mm wide. The detailed patterns from within the metal are clearly revealed from the anodizing process and are truly a sight to behold.


The Katanas handle is made from alternating layers of dyed Box Elder, Blue Arora Opal, Turbo Glow Opal and Copper, before being topped with a Space Grey crushed opal butt cap. The Turbo Glow layers will also glow in the dark.


The box Elder wood presentation base has been dyed and finished in a matching colour pallet, inlaid with a Blue Arora Opal.


A truly unique collectors item!


For a video of this Dabtana, please click: HERE