Dark Coffee Feminized

Dark Coffee Feminized


Each pack of Dark Coffee contains: 6 Female Seeds

Dark Coffee by Holy Smoke Seeds is an unbelievable strain coated in an incredible freshly-roasted dark coffee terpene fragrance; we've never encountered this flavour before that's like pure chocolate mocha on the exhale, studded with caramels leading to an intense coating of the taste buds with hints of cigar & leather bursting through that are bound to drive your senses wild. 

Dark Coffee is a powerful Indica variety that can take your breath away, so be sure to be careful with the size bowls that you pack; hitting you right between the eyes, she washes over your body, leaving it as numb as she goes.

Dark Coffee is a definite therapeutic variety as she packs a hugely indica effect that leaves you feeling relaxed and ready to eat, sleep and experience relaxation throughout your mind & body. Dark Coffee is dark and absolutely lethal so no matter how high of a tolerance you think you might have, she will always cut through and give you that perfect evening experience as her taste is a show-stopper & the dried flowers are a sight to behold. Dark Coffee is seriously strong & delicious, so this one you won't want to sleep on; trust us!


  • Lineage: Purple Churro x Dantes Inferno
  • Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
  • Yield: Good


Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only.
They are not to be germinated.
The pictures and descriptions have been created by the seed breeders who operate within a country with a legal and tolerant view of cannabis cultivation. This website and its owners in no-way incite or encourage people to break the law.