Fresko - NutraBlast Odour Eliminator / Air Freshener

Fresko - NutraBlast Odour Eliminator / Air Freshener

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NutraBlast Fresko air freshener is a premium quality odour eliminator designed to rapidly deal with any unwanted odours in vehicles, living spaces and smoking areas.


NutraBlast is a UK-based company that specializes in powerful, aerosol sprays that replace foul smells with a blast of fresh-scented odour eliminator. Just a couple of blasts from a NutraBlast can is enough to completely wipe out stale smoke, smells of damp or cooking smells. A single blast will easily freshen up a car or small bedroom.


Fresko is NutraBlast’s fresh scented spray that leaves rooms smelling like clean, fresh laundry.


Available in 500ml Cans