Gold Start Banger - 90° Stem

Introducing the Gold Start Banger!

This page is for 90° Stemmed Bangers

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Inspired by science - When did you ever see a flat-bottomed test tube?!

Designed to ensure a completely even heat distribution (when heated from underneath, with flame pointed up), the Gold Start Banger is perfect for cold-starting. Just wait until you see your torches' flame envelop the Bangers smooth bottom!

Easy Cleaning! There's no creases or cracks for residue to build up either! Those Glob Mops will easily each the bottom and all surfaces to ensure a perfect clean.

Like the other fabulous Glob Glass Bangers (The Spectrum & Quantum) the Gold Start features a bevelled rim, making a better seal with your chosen Bubble Cap.

Using Terp Beads? The Gold Start can really get them spinning when used in conjunction with the RipTide Spinner Cap

One-piece construction - Seamless Quartz Banger with no welds or fused parts.


Truly a magnificent Banger!


  • Height:  44mm
  • Outer Diameter: 25mm
  • Inner Diameter: 20mm
  • Wall Thickness: 2.5mm