Hindu Runtz Feminized

Hindu Runtz Feminized

Each pack of Hindu Runtz contains: 6 Female seeds

Hindu Runtz by Karma Genetics is the most unique hybrid from his new Pink Runtz feminised line. Combining some ancient old-school heritage with the new school flavour hype, Hindu Runtz is bound to be noticed by the masses!


Happy Brother is an old Hindu Kush cut from the Netherlands that Karma has worked with for a long time. This cut has been kept alive since the 1980's and is a unique plant in today's market. Happy Brother has been a pure, untouched staple in the Karma genetics stable for many years. He knew it would be a good choice to cross with the Pink Runtz clone, only cutting that he received from California.

The Hindu Runtz progeny expresses excellent F1 hybrid vigour, this indica dominant hybrid is seriously potent and expresses tight flowers with a unique smell amongst its competitors in todays' market. Stay tuned for out-of-this-world resin production and medium plants that produce a medium yield; the branching is all supreme. Hindu Runtz is typically finished between week 8 and week 9.


  • Genetics: Happy Brother x Pink Runtz
  • Yield: Medium-High
  • Flowering: 8-9 Weeks
Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.
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