Jetlag Feminized

Jetlag Feminized


Each pack of Jetlag contains: 6 Female Seeds

Jetlag by The Plug Seed Bank is the latest offering in feminized seed form from this acclaimed seedbank, based out of the sunny city of Barcelona.  

Jetlag is a special release to mark the drop of Malik Montana x The Plug new hit single, put out under the Plug Record Label titled Jet Lag.

The title makes perfect sense after learning that this outlandish new cultivar crosses the powerhouse legend, Kosher Kush, with the champion of the modern candy gas strains, the Runtz. Kosher Kush aka Jews Gold is one of the most famous, acclaimed OG Kush varieties to dominate the OG market. It has been a staple in Amsterdam & worldwide for countless years, and for a good reason, as she is seriously potent and provides those gassy, piney and earthy notes that all Kush fans know and love. 

The Runtz is one of the sweetest, most candy-like strains on the market that gives a sherbert-like, an exorbitantly candied flavour profile that has hints of gassiness. Runtz also expresses a beautiful range of colours from purple to blue hints all covered in sandy resin heads. The beautiful Runtz flavour combines effortlessly with the Kosher Kush to create a lovely mix of terp profiles ranging from candy to pure piney gas. 


  • Genetics: Kosher Kush x Runtz
  • Flowering Times: 8-9 Weeks
  • Yield: Medium-High


Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.
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