Judge Dread Feminized

Judge Dread Feminized

Each pack of Judge Dread contains: 6 Female seeds

Judge Dread by Karma Genetics is a special feminized Cannabis seed release, as they have been made in conjunction with Bodhi and Genefinder OG.

The DeadBread mother is a unique hybrid that pairs Mango Biche with a long-held mother Afghani, Karma Genetics has then had this paired with the Biker Kush aka Biker 081 reversal which was hunted in a large-scale seed selection in Arizona some years ago.

Biker Kush aka Biker 081 crosses HA-OG with Biker Kush v1 to create a powerhouse, truly heavy OG that is bound to please all types of kush lovers thanks to that delightful OG pinesol and citrus profile with beautiful kushy, earthy undertones. 

The resulting Judge Dread progeny expresses excellent hybrid vigour with large, full-size buds that grow easily. Judge Dread is the perfect example of what a hybrid strain should be, leaving you with a lasting and balanced high, she's focused but not hazy, meaning optimum focus can be achieved with her. Moreover, she can perform excellently indoors or in the greenhouse environment. Jude Dread is a medium to high-yielding strain that typically finishes flowering around week 9.


  • Genetics: Dreadbread x Biker081
  • Yield: Medium-High
  • Flowering: 9 Weeks
Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.
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