Large Rolling Tray

For those rollers out there that need the extra room for all their smoking accessories!


Loads of handy sized gaps and spaces for all of your rolling requirements.


Measures: 28cms X 20cms

Material: Plastic

Features Include;

  • 8x Various holes ranging from 3-14mm, ideal for glass/wooden tips to vape carts, spoons/shovels, pokers and more!
  • Large Tray Area & Inbuilt Deck
  • Side Grips For Ease Of Carrying
  • 2x Slot for upto 63mm sized grinder, jar or pot
  • 2x Slot for upto 45mm pots/jars
  • 2x Extra Wide Slots for extras such as: XL Kings, Standard Papers, Pipes, Hempwick, Lighters and anything else you may need!
  • 6x Prerolled Cone/Joint Holders
  • 10x Prerolled Roach Holder
  • 3x Kingsize Paper Holder
  • 1x Standard Roach Holder


Please note: Accessories/extra products in the images are not included.