Mkage Feminized

Mkage Feminized


Each pack contains: 5 or 10 Female Seeds

Finally the mind altering MK-Ultra has been crossed with the infamous S.A.G.E.. This has resulted in the ultimate CBD producer making this the ideal plant for medical patients and those looking for something extra strong.

Mkage Female Cannabis Seeds by T.H.Seeds of Amsterdam one of the oldest seed companies in Holland, established in 1993 THSeeds has established itself as a premier cannabis seeds supplier. Using only the finest marijuana genetics THSeeds Seedbank has won numerous High Times Cannabis Cups across all categories. This is testament to the superior seeds you will get from THSeeds of Amsterdam.

  • Type Indica/Sativa
  • Height 110-130 cm
  • Yield 350-450p.s.m.agag
  • Flowering Time 60-77 days

Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.
The pictures and descriptions have been created by the seed breeders who operate within a country with a legal and tolerant view of cannabis cultivation. This website and its owners in no-way incite or encourage people to break the law.