Moby Dick Feminized

Moby Dick Feminized


Each pack of Moby Dick contains: 3, 5 or 10 Female Seeds

This little known gem has been proving particularly popular with new growers and experts alike thanks to its astoundingly heavy yields. Prepare to meet the King Dong of cannabis strains - Moby Dick.

A careful merging together of White Widow and Haze, some of the biggest yielders you can find could only mean one thing.  Breathtaking yields of over 700g/m2 that are easy to achieve for all comers. Upbeat long lasting effects. What more could you ask for in a cannabis strain?

This girl will catapult you fiercely into a separate reality of creativity and production, unleashing a fast hitting high that will keep you totally energised through the day without wiping you out. THC sits at 27%. That is Moby Dick. And this is why she is such a firm favourite of so many in the growing business.

A 70 day flowering period adds to the allure of this world beating cannabis strain. Outdoors flowering completes its cycle by the first week of October. Growers love her sweet vanilla scents and guaranteed, heroic yields. She’s a keeper.

  • Genetics: G13 Haze x White Widow
  • Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa (75% Sativa, 25% Indica)
  • Flowering Time: 70 Days
  • Yield: Indoors up to 700 gr/m2, Outdoors up to 1500-2000 gr/pp
  • Taste: Citrus Haze, Spicy Pine and Vanilla
  • Aroma: Sour Lemon Haze, Hints of Spicy Pine Incense and Vanilla
  • Effect: Creative, Energising Euphoric High


Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.
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