Multi Cannon Refill Pack - Naked Pre-Roll Cannons

Multi Cannon Refill Pack - Naked Pre-Roll Cannons

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OctoworksBelieve it or not, the Naked Pre-Roll Cannons are painstakingly made by hand with attention to detail like you have never seen!

Octoworks moto is “Quality NEVER Compromised” and this product encapsulates that perfectly.

They’ve sourced the best materials on the planet and spent years developing the skills to create a product that’s second to none! This isn’t just a pre roll’s way more!

The Naked Cannons features an Exclusive Raw Paper for all their products and their American partner is a brand ambassador for Raw Papers. 


  • 1 x Sinner Cannon
  • 1 x Purge Cannon
  • 1 x Tucan Cannon
  • 1 x Spartan Cannon
  • Smell Proof Pouch
  • 2x Packing Sticks
  • Instructions
  • Ready To Pack
  • V1 Slap Sticker
  • Gift Wrapped