Peach MAC Regular

Peach MAC Regular


Each pack of Peach MAC contains: 11 Regular Seeds

Peach MAC is one of the newest strains to land at Simply Souvenirs from renowned UK breeder Spitfire Genetics. 

This hybrid was created by using Spitfire Genetic's keeper pheno of the MAC 11, found in seed form and bred by Capulator, and hitting that with the pollen from their Peach Cubez keeper male.

The keeper pheno of the MaC 11 that Spitfire Genetics found was very close to the original clone-only MAC 11 phenotype that made MAC and Capulator a household name in recent years, and Spitfire Genetic's MAC cut is like an extra sweet version of it.

MAC1 has been one of the most sought-after strains in recent years, so it only makes sense that Spitfire Genetics would find a keeper to work with his Peach Cubez. Spitfire's keeper MAC 11 cut has more depth to the flavour than the original Mac 1 with its unique terp profile smelling like a sweet mix of soured yoghurt, berry, cookie gas and American cereal with sugary berry notes.

The Peach MAC produces serious frost, and some monster yields to match, making this a good choice for all growers. The Peach MAC buds grow in gigantic bat-like structures littered with trichomes. The terp profile from the Peach Mac is a lovely mix of sweet candied peach and peach pie alongside the creamy, MAC 1 notes, but with less lemon than some MAC phenos can put out thanks to the Colombian influence. The aroma is much like candied hard-boiled rhubarb sweets with a distinctive sweet creaminess that reminds us of custard.

Spitfire Genetics selected their Peach Cubez father for this breeding project thanks to its vigour, exotic terpene profile and excellent resin production. Peach Cubez is a cross between the infamous Peach Ozz cut that made waves around the North in the UK early in the wave of the Zkittlez strain. The Peach Ozz phenotype that made waves back then was known as the @Greenbacks_grows cut, and Spitfire has then crossed it with his keeper pheno of the Zcube from Dying Breed Seeds. The Peach Cubez has a lovely of sweet, overripe peaches and soapy, candied Fragrant Z terps. The original Peach Ozz had a poor yield and flimsy flowers, but the Z cube added more vigour and healthy growth attributes and better potential for Zkittlez terps.


  • Lineage: Mac (11) x Peach Cubez
  • Flower Time: 7-9 Weeks
  • Yield: Super High


Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.
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