Peach Slaps Feminized

Peach Slaps Feminized


Each pack of Peach Slaps contains: 6 Female Seeds

Holy Smoke Seeds have chosen an amazing peach flavoured pheno of Gummies (Jet Fuel Gelato x Peach Rings fromCompound Genetics). She carries the peach flavour through beautifully into this hybrid.

Peach Slaps has got massive arms and the legs to carry the load, and damn the Stardawg heritage in the Strawberry Stardawg is boosting her weight in all the right places.

Boasting a terp profile of pure peach that leans a little more to the Sativa side, making for an impeccable day smoke that you can still function on. She also provides a wealth of therapeutic traits allowing freedom of movement, sublime creativity & eating and muscle concerns to wash away.

The Peach Slaps is a great new addition to their line, with it being a little more uplifting and focused than many of their couchlock effects. This'll put you in a happy haze that is an absolute pleasure for all creatives. Enjoy responsibly as the Jet Fuel Gelato provides a decent kick and the subtleties of her terp profile creeps in behind the potent peach hit from these dense pure peach boulders.


  • Lineage: Gummies x Strawberry Stardawg
  • Yield: High
  • Flowering: 10 Weeks


Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.
The pictures and descriptions have been created by the seed breeders who operate within a country with a legal and tolerant view of cannabis cultivation. This website and its owners in no-way incite or encourage people to break the law.