Pink Paletas Feminized

Pink Paletas Feminized


Each pack of Pink Paletas contains: 6 Feminised Seeds

Pink Paletas is one of the newest strains from Karma Genetics, which makes up part of one of the latest additions to his Co-Op strains with his good friend Grounded Genetics. Pink Paletas by Karma Genetics stands out as a delightful and intriguing option for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the cannabis scene.

At the core of any cannabis strain lies its genetic makeup, which plays a significant role in determining its properties. Pink Paletas is the result of a collaborative effort between Karma Genetics and Grounded Genetics. This strain is created by combining the genetics of two distinct parent strains: Sweets and Ozark.

The carefully bred & selected mother of the Sweets (Guava Gelato x Sour D Bx2) by Karma was then pollinated with a special reversed Ozark (Oz Kush x Jealousy) cut bred and selected by Grounded Genetics. The Ozark has benefited from the addition of the Jealousy which increases the vigour of the genetics found in the Oz Kush. 

One of the critical factors for cannabis growers is the flowering time, as it affects the overall cultivation process and time to harvest. Pink Paletas typically has a flowering period that spans 8 to 10 weeks. This moderate flowering time allows for a manageable cultivation cycle, making it suitable for growers of various skill levels.

When it comes to growing cannabis, yield is a significant consideration. Pink Paletas does not disappoint in this regard. It has the potential to provide a medium to high yield, rewarding cultivators with an ample supply of quality buds. The yield can vary depending on factors such as growing conditions and the expertise of the grower.

Karma Genetics places importance on noting that Pink Paletas can be sensitive during the initial stages of sexing, which is the process of identifying the plant's gender. Karma recommends exercising caution during this phase to ensure that the plants develop as intended. 

For optimal results, it is recommended to initiate the flowering stage using cuttings taken from the mother plant rather than directly from seeds. 

One of the remarkable features of Pink Paletas is the wide variation in genotypes it can exhibit. This diversity among individual plants makes each cultivation experience unique. From aroma profiles to growth patterns, you may encounter a delightful assortment of characteristics within the same strain. This widespread range of potential profiles makes it a winning choice.


  • Flowering Time:  8-10 weeks  
  • Lineage: Sweets x Ozark
  • Yield: Medium to High


Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.
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