Prophecy Banger - 90° Stem - Cold Start

**ON SALE NOW! WAS £35.00 - NOW £31.50!*


Designed with you cold-start enthusiasts in mind - this banger is made for the highest quality terp-bursting dabs possible!

By removing the risk of high temperature shocks to those precious extracts, the Prophecy Banger allows a higher quality dab experience, keeping those sensitive low-temp-terps inside the airstream, headed straight to hit your tastebuds!

The internal bevel is to aid low-temp loading, giving you somewhere to scrap those sticky bits off.

Boasting a thick 4mm thick bottom, this allows for great heat retention to prevent reheating mid-dab.

The internal diameter of 20mm allows for fitment of all bubble caps, and with the bevelled top edge, this creates a better seal - ensuring those volatiles don't escape away into the atmosphere.

View it in use: HERE


    • Height: 45mm 
    • Outer Diameter: 25mm
    • Wall Thickness: 2.5mm
    • Base Thickness: 4mm
    • Male fitting