Quantum Banger - 90° Stem

Introducing the Quantum Banger!

This page is for 90° Stemmed Bangers

Available in 10mm Male & 14mm Male fittings - please select your preference above

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Based on the design as the high quality Spectrum Banger, the Quantum is the same in every possible way - ONLY BIGGER!!


Another solid high-quality quartz banger that's simply amazing for those looking to improve their dabbing experience!

Crafted with no joints, adhesives or fused sections means the Quantum is one of the strongest bangers out there.

The super deep bucket and 4mm thick base retains the heat for longer, allowing a more fulfilling experience without a mid-dab reheat unlike those thinner based bangers....

A bevelled rim on the top gives a greater seal when used with bubble caps, and when used in conjunction with a couple of terp beads and a spinner cap, it really gets things moving!

The Joint Section - the frosted part - is longer than most standard bangers too, allowing a better seal into your rig's downstem.

Measuring a whopping 30mm outer diameter with 3mm thick walls, this will allow inserts up to 20mm (outer diameter)


  • Height:  43mm
  • Outer Diameter: 30mm
  • Inner Diameter: 24mm
  • Wall Thickness: 3mm
  • Base Thickness: 4mm