Stinger Glass Bubbler Attachment

Stinger Glass Bubbler Attachment


The STINGER Glass Bubbler Attachment - Created by Human Sucks - Take your flavour experience to the next level with this easy to use accessory.


This is by far the best companion for Human Sucks STINGER.

With it attached to the STINGER, you won’t have to worry about any harsh taste from your dab.

The Human Sucks team dedicated themselves to giving the purest taste for the end user, building a glass bubbler to suit the STINGER was one of the must-have processes in the step toward their success.

The Glass Bubbler is made with borosilicate glass that comes with great chemical and heat resistance. After you attach the bubbler onto your STINGER, not only does it make your STINGER look ten times cooler, but the great function smooths the vapor, improving the taste and delivering the original flavor of the dab to your mouth.

Enjoy the STINGER experience even more with the Glass Bubbler!